Monday, September 7, 2009

Salt Documentary

It was a little while ago but I just remember at the start of August I went to the Melbourne International Film Festival. I went and saw Beyond the wall, which was a series of short films. One of which was a documentary by Michael Angus and Murray Fredericks, called "Salt".

"Salt" follows Murray Fredericks, solo trip to Lake Eyre, where he takes a series of time lapsed landscape photos. The documentary follows Murray's journey and explores the personal challenges he faces in the process of taking these photos. From wondering if he actually got any good shots to his feelings of isolation and self reflections of his life.

It makes you think about why someone would go to such lengths just to take some photos. But than at the end you see these magnificent landscapes. I highly recommend you checking out the documentary website to see some of the photographs that he had taken on his trip to lake eyre you will be amazed. www.saltdoco.com

Suzie q x

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